Awaken your Expression

Group Mentorship Program for Women

A 3 month Journey towards Reclamation of the Female Body and Freedom of Expression  

February 1st - May 4th, 2019

Do you feel called to live more in the feminine, but have no idea what that even means or where to begin?

I believe we are living in a time where not only are we being invited to truly know ourselves, but to LOVE ourselves. In order to Love ourselves, we must first know ourselves... including and especially the intimate aspects of our female body - our womb, our blood, the energetic phases of the monthly cycle, our vulva, our breasts, and every other seen and unseen intricacy of our female bodied reality.

"Loving yourself well takes courage, practice, and perseverance. You can choose to be a great self-lover by accessing every bit of pleasure that you're capable of - it's a radical act."

Sheri Winston

Hi, I'm Kristen and I’m on a Mission to dissolve shame and resistance into freedom, and to explore the potential for presence, pleasure, and expression available to the Female Body. I believe women at this time are being invited to develop a relationship with their sensual, sexual, and feminine selves and to discover who they truly are.

"Our sexuality is the fastest way to personal growth. It is in sex our relationship with life itself becomes apparent. Our ability to be present with our body, emotions and desires determines what kind of sex we have and the quality of our intimate relationships. And how much we give ourselves permission to be who we are determines how fulfilled we feel in life. "

Louise Mazanti

This 3 moon cycle mentorship Program is an invitation into deep Self-Love

Join me and a small circle women in this sweet, playful, and powerful exploration of what it feels like to live and love in a female body. In these 3 months together each woman will be experiencing sacred self-love + exploration practices every week and cultivating a deeper relationship with their bodies. We will be playfully challenging ourselves to speak from this space of truth, and to honor the messages, insights and healing that arise in the process. In the process of heightening our awareness, we will use the gifts of sisterhood and community to integrate and transform any shame around our femininity. Together, we are so much more capable than we ever imagined. 

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For as long as I can remember, my favorite topic to speak about has been sex. In how I spoke and fantasized, I was wild and free, crazy and kinky, fully expressed and uninhibited. But my reality and how I lived in my body was very different. Resistance and fear filled my being, I felt unable to rest and fully be present in my body, constantly running away from feeling anything at all. I both craved intimacy and pushed it away, scared of experiencing it. 

And then a beautiful woman prompted me with the question: "What allows you to receive?" I traveled the world on a quest to discover the answer to that question and I landed in my pelvic bowl - first into my womb space, the alter of the pelvis, and then to my favorite queen: Pussy. Oh the profound lessons she's shared! She's taught me to slow down, to breathe, to feel, to listen, to ask permission, to claim my Yes and my No, to cry, to laugh, to scream, to welcome life and to enjoy it. 

Sex changed from something that just happens with another, to recognizing and claiming my sexuality as my own, and as a profound spiritual path - exploring my relationship with how I am able to be present, welcome, and move with this powerful life force energy, and through loving and safe presence, transform any resistance into flow. 

Then the most beautiful thing happened. As I more deeply got to know myself and my sexuality, I desired to express myself in news ways - waking up to gifts that I hadn’t yet recognized within myself, speaking my needs with a newfound clarity, and relating to intimate relationships with a greater sense of individuation.  

I received my Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology with a focus in Creative Expression, and I focused my studies on the relationship between the 2nd and 5th chakras. The relationship between the pelvis and the throat chakra, to the desires in our body and our expression in life. My thesis paper was titled, "The Dance of the Wild Feminine" exploring the relationship between the two - deep embodiment and authentic expression. 

My body has become my most cherished teacher, and this life a magical exploration of how I can surrender to her, love her, expand my capacity to hold energy, and to compassionately hold my human experience with more ease and grace.

I am so glad you are here!

I am so turned on by women being awake and connected and turned on together.  


"Enlightenment is nothing more or less than the cessation of all tension in the body."

David Cates

February 1st - May 4th, 2019

 This sweet and sexy program will begin with an in-person retreat February 1st - 3rd in Ojai, CA. From then on, the circles will be held via Zoom around the time of the Full Moon and New Moon. 

What is Included:

- A 2 night retreat in Ojai, CA February 1st - 3rd, 2019 

- Group Calls twice a month (which will be recorded if you cannot make it.) 

- Personal Call with Kristen during or after the program for when you would like individual support

- Video teachings shared every 2 weeks sent via email and accessible at anytime on the Awakening Expression Online Portal 

- Guided Sensuality and Sexuality Practices  

- Vocal Exercises

- A community of women supporting you

- Filmed conversations with people who Kristen is inspired by in the fields of sexual somatic bodywork, cervical wellness and more


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Moon Cycle #1

This first month is about slowing down and cultivating a safe space for yourself; beginning a new conversation with the body.

Together, we will explore the following themes:  

- Menstrual Cycle Awareness / Cycle Tracking 

- Sensuality Practices 

- Mirror / Voice Work 

Moon Cycle #2

This Month we will enter the Vagina and develop our sensitivity to how and what we feel. Discharging pain, charging numbness, and expanding pleasure.  

Together we will explore the following themes:

- Jade Egg / Therawand / Breath 

- Cervical Awareness 

- Anal Introduction

- Soul Song Exploration 

Moon Cycle #3

This month we will deepen into presence in the body, and focus on developing the trust and courage to follow our desires, and express them in our life. This month we will be spending time with vocal exercises to cultivate our capacity to open our voice. For those who have partners, there will be exercises where you practice staying connected to yourself in the experience of Love Making. 

Together we will explore the following themes:

- Opening the Voice

- Love Appointments with Self / Partner 

- Staying connected to Self amidst connection with Other

Frequently Asked Questions

The relationship with your body is like any relationship - the more you spend time with her, the more she shares.

Having said that, the hard commitment for the program is the retreat, and your presence in the majority of the Group Calls which are around the New Moon and Full Moon of each month. From there it is up to you how much time you commit to watching the videos and doing the practices.

I ask at the very least two 30 minute sensuality practices a week, in addition to watching the modules.  However, I would recommend making time for sensuality practice 4-5 times a week if possible. 

The more you give, the more you will receive. 

That's ok! They will be recorded and stored in the Awakening Expression Online Portal so you may revisit them when your schedule allows. But you will feel it is so nice to be included in the Sister Circle and to experience the live transmission of the circle. 

Yes, it is a necessary component of the program. 

This program begins with an in person retreat in Ojai, California February 1st - 3rd. We will begin in the evening on the 1st, and close around lunchtime on Sunday, the 3rd. 

I consciously chose not to include the price of this program on the main page, as I didn't want any mental money beliefs to interfere with what you may be feeling in your body.

But since you asked:

The investment for this program is $2,200 until January 10th, and then increases to $2,347. This includes all expenses related to the Launch retreat, minus travel.

Payment plan is possible.

As women, we are cyclical beings. Like the cycle and phases of the moon, our hormones and energy levels are waxing and waning during the month. Part of knowing ourselves is getting to know how we wax and wane throughout our personal moon cycle (menstrual cycle). By looking at each month as a moon cycle, we more clearly see ourselves, and as such are able to support ourselves in new and more effective ways. 

Sensuality is the awareness and awakening of the sensations we experience on our body. While sensuality does not necessarily have to involve sexuality, sexuality is intimately connected to our sensuality.  

In this program, we will have practices that are just focused on cultivating sensuality - our ability to be present to our sensations on our body. There will also be practices that incorporate our sexuality into the sensuality practice. 

You are welcome exactly where you are! This program and the practices included meet you where you are at. We begin the program with the mindset of beginning kindergarten - relearning about our bodies in a very simple and loving way. From here, you follow the invitations of your body, always going at your own pace. You will always have access to the resources on the Online Portal so you can refer to them whenever you wish.

The beauty of having an intimate container is that you will be held and supported wherever you are at. 

Yes, of course. 

For women who have stopped bleeding, it is still deeply healing to remember this wisdom and return to the cyclical ways of being. Rather than focusing more on your personal menstrual phases, you will attune to the phases of the moon. 

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire world, deserve your love and affection."










Ready to Awaken your Expression?

To learn more, please express your interest via email and Kristen will respond with a time to connect for a call.

What Women Say:

"I'm so grateful for this program. It was an intuitive Yes for me, realizing how much love and growth was needed in this area... there was a sadness and longing, and I was excited for what was possible through this work. As I look back on what I received, I'm blown away. I became more explorative sexually - approaching my sexual health with a new curiosity, I have a greater understanding of my anatomy on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, and I have practices that I'll continue to deepen in, that are leading to a richer life, more happiness, deeper love, fulfillment, greater self-understanding and self-awareness, and a deeper honoring of myself and my sacredness. "

Angie Ilg
Founder of Live Free Coaching

"I was very nervous to begin this program; it felt very scary to begin this journey of coming fully home to my body. There was so much past pain around my body and many feelings of unsafety and I wasn't sure what to expect. It wasn't until I began that I realized just how hard it was for me to slow down and really connect with my body, and, just how powerful it was when I did slow down. The tools and practices that Kristen gave us created a powerful container for transformation. It has completely shifted every aspect of my life, from my own connection to my body to the way that I am in my relationships, to how I show up in my work and in the world. It is hard, but beautiful work. I feel so much more kindness for my body, so much more freedom and deep reverence. I am beyond grateful to have found Kristen and to have found this path of profound healing. "

Anna Matriotti
White Hawthorn Holistic

Photography by Inna Shnayder 

Art by Tina Maria


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